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Continuing with 7-Stage Transition

Posted on: December 3rd, 2011

In Stage One of this project, you choose an object:

  • Find a full color photograph of an object.
  • Wide value range is a must. Use your value knowledge and squint to make sure you have a full value range.
  • The live portion of the photo should measure that measures between 7 and 8 inches at the longest measure.
  • Use an image that interests you. Try to find several different views of this object so that you have the best references possible.
  • Look for something that might ultimately make a good symbol. You may crop from a larger area.

In Stage two, you draw a continuous tone drawing:

  • Draw this image same size.
  • Use realistic continuous tones only. Include details of light and shadow and surface textures.
  • Use any B/W media and techniques with which you are comfortable (except graphite):
    • Pen or marker pen on white paper
    • Colored pencil on white paper
    • heightened drawing on gray paper with black and white colored pencil or black and white charcoal
  • You may trace carefully to get correct proportions. Keep this tracing for other stages.

On Tuesday, Dec. 6 we will work on Stage Two. If you have stage two completely done, you may leave after presentations and announcements. Otherwise, you should stay and work on your drawing.

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