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Last Assignment – 7 Stage Transition

Posted on: November 29th, 2011

Tonight we went over what will be our last assignment: developing a logo/symbol from a color photo in 7 stages.

Handout here.

We start with a color photo, and create seven iterations of that photo:

  • a continuous tone drawing,
  • a three-tone gouache painting,
  • a black/white drawing,
  • a reversal of the black/white drawing,
  • a gesture drawing,
  • a reduction of the last three 60%
  • the best iteration set with type to make a logo/wordmark combination.

We will present the piece as an eight-panel accordion fold piece.

If you missed class, please download the handout and read it carefully.

On Thursday, bring your photo and all the drawing materials you’ll need to work on the continuous tone drawing stage. I’ll be meeting with each of you individually to talk about your choices and progress.

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