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Line Sculpture photos + Stuff about 9/13

Posted on: September 12th, 2011

Below are the photos of our sculpting session on Thursday. You all did great work!

Tomorrow night we will:

  • Talk a little bit about doing critiques of art/design work.
  • Critique one another’s sculptures.
  • Fill out self-evaluations of our sculptures (during the next couple of days I’ll grade your sculptures, write the grade on the self-eval you give me and return it to you).
  • Start our fabulous Line Collages !!! (Go to the Assignment page for an expanded explanation).
  • Seriously,  go to the page. You have a lot of stuff to bring to work on your collage, so pay careful attention to the supply list.
  • Maybe talk a bit about an artist named Judy Pfaff, who uses the element of line a lot in her work.

See you tomorrow!

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