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Exploration #1: Sculpting with lines

Posted on: September 7th, 2011

Here’s a link  to this assignment’s handout sheet.

In this exploration, we’ll create sculptures using found objects that suggest line.

We’ll work in groups of two, and we’ll complete the project entirely on Thursday the 8th.

Here’s the what you do:

  1. Choose a partner
  2. Between now and Thursday, get stuff that suggests the element of line to you. Some possibilities might be:
    • pipe cleaners,
    • toothpicks,
    • tubes.
    • ribbons
    • sticks
    • Keep in mind that you can bring non-linear stuff and make it suggest line. Aluminum foil, for example, could be rolled into tubes.
  3. Get other stuff you’ll need to make a sculpture. For the basis of your sculpture, you’ll need:
    • a piece of cardboard or foamcore at least 20” x 20”
    • a cardboard box of the same size
  4. And bring in anything else you might find handy, such as: styrofoam, magazines, hair curlers, dog treats, old electronics.
  5. I’ll bring:
    • glue guns,
    • some styrofoam,
    • music.
    • maybe some other crafty stuff
  6. Here are the criteria for successfully completing the project:
    • Your sculpture must be done by the end of Thursday
    • It must use objects that suggest the element line to you
    • It must, in itself, also express the element of line
    • It must also express one of the following
      • Balance in design
      • Rhythm in design
      • Negative space in design

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