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Type Talk Tuesday

Posted on: November 16th, 2011

Yesterday we chatted a bit more about typography, specifically about how it is measured and applied to pages.

Then there was a quiz! Here’s a copy if you missed class. You can fill it out and hand it in on Thursday. The in-class quiz was open book, notes, and internet so feel free to use your materials.

Next, we looked at our next assignment: Letterform Postcards. Here is the assignment sheet. Here are the letterforms people chose:

  • Mary Jo – M
  • Dontate – G
  • Sara – S
  • Scott – F
  • Katelyn – Q
  • Meredith – R
  • Nikki – V
  • Stacy – L

For Thursday, have four or so of your preliminary sketches for this project finished. We’ll finish all eight preliminary sketches in class on Thursday. The assignment will be due on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

Also, on Thursday Nov. 17 is the deadline for showing me two of the sources for your Design/Talk presentation.

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