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Week of September 6 – 8: Line

Posted on: September 7th, 2011

Rested and refreshed, we’re back from Labor Day weekend, ready to design stuff.

First thing: A tour of Ollieopolis

This page, the Announcements+Rants page, will summarize what’s going on and post announcements about what will come up. In the right sidebar you’ll find a list of all the articles that appear on this page.

The Course Documents page has the Syllabus as its main body. So if you’re curious about The Rules, you can refresh your memory there. Or download a new pdf copy the syllabus. The right sidebar of the┬áCourse Documents page is where I’ll post pdf copies of lecture notes as they accumulate over the semester. If I hand out anything else, I’ll also turn that into a pdf and make it available there.

The Assignments page will have an article for each assignment. In the right sidebar will be a list of all the Assignments articles. This sidebar will also contain handouts on the assignments for you to download and print.

The Resources page has resources. Maybe books, maybe videos. Right sidebar has links all the articles from the resources page.

Tuesday recap: Line

  • I went on and on about Line. So now your are thoroughly grounded in that concept. A pdf version of my notes is available from the Course Documents page.
  • And then we talked about how we’ll explore line by making a sculpture out of line things. More about that here, on the assignments page.
  • And then I checked off your sketchbooks.
  • And then we watched a little film about Paula Scher.

So tomorrow we sculpt! Bring tons of stuff, and I’ll see you then.

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