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What we did Tues. Oct. 11, what’s up for Thurs. Oct. 13

Posted on: October 12th, 2011

What we did

  • Looked at our Completed Things in Space project, which we did over the weekend.
  • Talked about the next assignment, Aphorism Collage. Here is a link to the handout on the assignment
  • Briefly, your collage must meet these criteria:
    • be 25% or less drawing – i.e., mostly found images, cut paper, etc.
    • contain/illustrate an aphorism (old saying)
    • demonstrate space in a two dimensional picture plane using one of the techniques we discussed
    • actually spell the aphorism out using hand rendered type or printed type
    • contain a human, animal or machine figure as a central element
    • be handmade itself – no digital collages (though you may print digital images for collaging use)
    • be approximately 11″ x 17″
    • be mounted on a 15″ x 20″ piece of black illustration board, and neatly tissue flapped.
  • Did a quick Photoshop tutorial about making selections and colorizing images.  Here is a link to the tutorial handout. We went through this tutorial so that you can find and use online images for your Aphorism Collage. However, you don’t have to use them. You can cut, paste and photocopy the whole thing.

What to have ready for Thursday, Oct. 13

  • Have your aphorism picked out
  • bring three sketches/directions/thumbnails for your final collage. We’ll talk it over in class.

On Thursday, I’ll also give a brief Adobe Illustrator tutorial, so you can use that program to render your Aphorism type.

See you Thursday!


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